Here are some important terms and conditions all of our clients are expected to familiarize themselves with to ensure a swift business conduct with us.

  1. We sign over every right regarding a project to the client that placed the order, and as such we are not entitled to any illegal, inappropriate, or unethical use of the material we provide.
  2. Every payment is a confirmation that the purchased material is only for personal use.
  3. When you visit our site, it automatically collects information like your browser type, operating system, visit time, etc. These pieces of information are used solely to improve the contents of our site and are never sold or shared with a third party under any condition.
  4. As a customer, you agree to provide all personal information required for your project. These information is protected by our privacy policy.
  5. Note that all refund demands after 14 days of project delivery are automatically nullified; except in cases of payment errors.
  6. The customer has the right to request a free version within 7 days of the delivery of the order paper. After 7 days from the moment of presentation, a paper delivery request for free versions is rejected.
  7. Any delay in accessing our website is not our responsibility. We’re always available 24/7 to help you with your academic demands.
  8. Every project/order cancellation is dependent on specific situations as deemed fit by the company
  9. In accordance with the policy of returning an expert class online! The student can request a refund within 15 days of the request for cancellation of the order of the actual reason for which he wishes to cancel a class online or given a specific assignment. We have full rights to decide whether to return the money or not separately.
  10. After accepting payment for the order, the company ensures the following
    • Timely delivery
    • 100% plagiarism free content
    • Compliance with the instructions provided
    • Comments about your messages within 24 hours
    • Non-disclosure of personal information
    • Free changes and reviews according to our terms and conditions
    • Refunds as specified in our terms and conditions