1. Every detail you share with us in the course of any business transaction is protected by our privacy policy. Information collected include
    • Timely delivery
    • Name of client
    • Email address
    • Phone contact
    • Payment details
    • Computer hardware and software data for IT and security purposes
  2. We do not share any of this information or use them for alternative purposes aside strict business dealings. We also want our clients to understand that we
    • Have the right to modify our service terms of use without any prior notice
    • Make sure to conduct every business in an ethical manner with regards to our terms of services
    • Our process of data collection is secure and authentic ensuring the security of all details
    • Make sure our customers understand the purpose of our data collection, and the type of data we may need from them
    • Order details are not shared with other customers or anyone that has no business or contribution towards the success of a project
    • Do not share or reuse an already completed paper.