We at takemyonlinecourse.org has put reliable guarantees in place to guard our customers’ interests as well as ours. These guarantees are anchored on our terms and conditions, and it concerns everybody that’s registered in our system. Our guarantees include:

  1. Revision policy guarantee
  2. Plagiarism free guarantee
  3. Terms and conditions
  4. Privacy policy guarantee

All of these guarantees are all stated in our terms and conditions, and all of our clients are advised to get familiar with them all in order to understand how we work, and what benefits they stand to gain should any matter arise. Here is a brief breakdown of our policies and how they apply to our clients:

Money Back Guarantee policy
Revision Policy

We offer unlimited revisions for all of our clients within a specific period of time. After a project has been completed it goes through very careful procedures, but if we missed anything during our revision, our clients reserve the right to request for further revision with specific requirements.

Revision Policy
Plagiarism Free Guarantee

We can honestly assure you that none of our work ever contains any plagiarisms. As a sign of good fate towards this assurance, we have put the plagiarism free policy in place. According to this particular policy, if we ever produce a plagiarized work, our clients are at liberty to ask for a full refund.