General Queries

After you’ve made up your mind to hire our service, you’ll need to sign up, and then give us the necessary information about your online class help; the subject, the date you want it submitted, page/word count, your preferred writer, and payment processing. We’ll review the information you’ve sent and you’ll receive a personalized welcome mail from your project manager who is handling your course.

You can always count on us to take your order and deliver them in a few hours. Generally, we’ll prefer a timeframe of 24 hours to properly strategize and carry out your order efficiently, but if we have less than 24 hours to work on a project, it’ll cost you more.

We do not charge the same for all the papers we write. The following factors are some of the things we put into consideration before quoting the price of a project.

  1. Academic level
  2. Subject
  3. Level of difficulty
  4. Word/page count
  5. Expected delivery date
  6. Our capacity to take on your work on the day you call

Note that you’re expected to have a basic understanding of what the assignment and the work it entails before reaching out to us.

Definitely, we can help you with everything; the written part, online submission, discussion posts, or any form of help you may need to get your work done.

We definitely offer “entire course” package deals depending on how much work is involved. Each course curriculum is different from one to the next, therefore we offer different package deals.

We’re not only skilled at producing great contents, we’re also skilled at tech matters such as this. You do not have to worry about IP issues; we’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure you’ll never have such problems. For instance, our team members only live in the US.

If your homework assignments do not come from a textbook, you may not need a textbook. Your need for textbooks largely depends on your school requirements than it depends on us.